Painting with Spray Dye

These are paintings done in acrylic, spray dye, and alcohol ink on a flat sheet of textured polypropylene.

I just discovered this spray dye, and am enjoying it quite a bit. For “The Phoenix” I started by spraying a fine mist of yellow-green (the bottle says “lettuce”) and orange dye over the polypropylene. I then painted over the dye with water. The effect was like an adult version of those paint with water coloring books for kids, where the little dots of concentrated color turn into paint when you get them wet. On top of this, I dripped some of my favorite alcohol inks in bright pink, light blue, and a really nice golden brown that develops a ring of bright orange around its edges. Then I drizzled acrylic pouring medium on top and sort of spread it around to create some nice shapes. All of the colors under the pouring medium get sucked up by the medium and blend together as the medium dries.

The acrylic pouring medium dries to a thickness of 1-2mm, or about a sixteenth of an inch. In contrast to the very very flat surface of the textured polypropylene, it looks like it floats above the background.

These are the first paintings I’ve made with this technique and this spray dye, and I’m excited to see where the process takes me.

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