The New Seagrass


52 x 26″

water based ink, alcohol ink, and acrylic medium on gallery wrapped textured polypropylene


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This is a painting in water based and alcohol based inks and acrylic medium on textured polypropylene gallery wrapped over an inch and a half depth frame. The composition extends over the edges of the frame onto the sides of the painting.

I created this piece by first spraying concentrated water based inks onto the surface to create fields of dispersed color. Then I dripped alcohol ink which stains the surface brown, bleeds red, and turns slightly blue under acrylic medium into the composition. Then I poured clear acrylic medium onto the wet ink, and the medium picked up the pigments from the ink and pulled them into itself, creating flowing patterns as the medium spread. I pushed the medium around a bit with a silicone wedge tool, and lifted the surface in places to control the flow. Once the medium was dry, I sprayed the painting with water, which dispersed the droplets of ink and caused a frosted pattern to form in the background.

This painting is ready to hang with a wire installed in the back. The polypropylene is stapled in the back, with clean edges and no staples showing.