We All Just Want the Same Thing, Probably


56 x 54″ mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas. 2017

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This is a painting I made in my studio in Lowell MA in February of 2017. I have been experimenting with all over composition incorporating elements of drawing, textual elements, poured paint, and paint applied with brushes and silicone wedges.

I began work on this painting with a panel of raw, un-stretched canvas draped across my work table. I sprayed the canvas with water and worked the water into the fibers with a silicone wedge. I drizzled brightly saturated acrylic colors into the wet canvas and the water pulls the color into the fibers. I pushed the resulting watery paint around with the silicone wedge, creating a background of wash-like effects. On top of this I alternated drawing with brushes and Krink K-60 and K-66 paint markers, creating patches of color by smearing heavy body acrylics with the wedge, and pouring paint mixed with acrylic pouring medium. The drips were achieved by laying down thick deposits of fluid acrylic and then lifting one end of the canvas.

This painting has a three dimensional quality to it, with some of the paint rising above the surface of the canvas a couple millimeters, while in other areas the fibers of the raw canvas are left barely touched. The painting was stretched on museum grade 1.5″ wooden stretcher bars after it had completely dried, with elements of the composition extending to the edges of the wrapped painting.

The painting is meant to inspire a sort of meditative contemplation in the viewer. I hope it is something you will come to again and again, always finding something new and being inspired to think about things in a way you hadn’t thought before.